Measure an Existing Ring

This is likely the most straightforward method of finding the correct ring size – especially if the ring happens to be a surprise gift!

  1.  Simply place an existing ring along a ruler and measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge.
  2. Take note of the measurement in millimeters, and then use a ring measurement-conversion chart to find the correct corresponding letter to the ring size.

Use a Piece of String.

If the ring isn’t necessarily going to be a surprise, then you can easily find the correct ring size using a piece of string!

  1. Wrap a length of string around the base of the finger where the ring would sit and mark the point where the string overlaps – remember that the string should fit ‘snugly’ on the finger (not too loose or too tight).
  2. Remove the string and stretch it along the length of a ruler or measuring tape, taking note of the measurement in millimeters. Then, using a ring measurement-conversion chart, find the correct corresponding letter for the right ring size.

Print Out a Paper Ring Sizer

If you have access to a printer, why not print your own ring sizer?

Here’s a great example of a free open-source ring sizer template – simply click here.

N.B. When printing, just ensure your “print scale” is set to 100%, and that you untick the “fit to page” box to get a true-to-scale measurement from the printout.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Place an existing ring over the circles on the sheet and match the size to the letter.
  2. Alternatively, carefully cut-out the pre-measured ring size template and snugly wrap it around your finger.