High Lakes Light Roast Coffee

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Dried Fruit, Citrus, Light Body


Introducing High Lakes Light Roast Coffee, a captivating blend that invites you to experience the vibrant and lively essence of dried fruit and citrus. Crafted to perfection, this light roast promises a bright and flavorful taste profile that will elevate your coffee experience.

Savor the burst of flavors as you indulge in the delightful notes of dried fruit, creating a sweet and nuanced foundation for this exceptional blend. The zesty essence of citrus adds a refreshing twist, contributing to the overall brightness of the coffee. With a light body that complements the lively flavors, High Lakes Light Roast is a harmonious symphony that invigorates your palate.

Carefully selected and expertly roasted, the beans in this blend capture the essence of high-altitude coffee cultivation. The result is a coffee that not only showcases the unique characteristics of the beans but also provides a refreshing and uplifting cup.

Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or someone seeking a bright and lively start to your day, High Lakes Light Roast is designed to cater to your taste preferences. Elevate your coffee ritual with this exceptional blend that brings the flavors of dried fruit and citrus to the forefront, creating a symphony of taste that is truly refreshing and delightful.

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